LADER Tricep Rope Cable Machine Attachment 35 Inch, Heavy Duty Triceps Pull Down Rope with Resistance Band Handles, Carabiner Clips Ankle Strap, Nylon Gym Accessories for Cable Machines, Home Gym



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Product Description

Tricep Rope Cable AttachmentTricep Rope Cable Attachment

LADER Professional Quality Triceps Pull Down Rope Cable Attachment

Why Choose LADER 2020 Latest Upgraded Tricep Rope Cable Attachment?

Do you want to keep your body as fit, strong, and toned as possible just stay at home?Does your busy lifestyle prevent you from having enough time to workout?Do you have no enough cash to pay for the expensive gym fees?

LADER tricep pull down rope system, will enhance your bodyÔÇÖs physical condition, just stay and workout at home! Dedicated to train Biceps, triceps, pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoids.

Cable Machines Attachment Rope

Cable Machines Attachment Rope

Adjustable Ankle Straps

Adjustable Ankle Straps

D-shaped Fitness Handles

D-shaped Fitness Handles

Heavy Duty Steel Carabiner Clips

Heavy Duty Steel Carabiner Clips

Cable Machines Attachment Rope

Works great on universal machine, weight machine, lat machine, lat pulldown machine, Smith Bowflex machine,etc.

Adjustable Ankle Straps

Easy to put on and adjust to your desired fit. Designed to fit MEN & WOMEN. Neoprene padding makes the ankle strap the safest and most comfortable.

D-shaped Fitness Handles

Super wide design, fit hands perfectly with room to spare, more comfortable than normal handles. Allows you to concentrate on your exercises and not on your hurting hands.

Large size & stainless steel material, strong and durable. Commercial grade quality and smooth edges.

Product specificationsProduct specifications

Product specifications:

Product specifications

Triceps Rope Size(L): 35 inch

Ankle Strap Size(L*W): 21×4 inch

Material: nylon rope, steel hanging buckle, PP SBR iron nickel plating

Features: Can be used to train biceps, biceps, shoulder, abdomen, etc

Package Includes:

Triceps rope x1

Exercise handles x2

Ankle straps x2

Carabiner clips x3

Instruction manual x1

Storage bag x1

LADER Tricep Rope Cable AttachmentLADER Tricep Rope Cable Attachment

­čĺ¬Complete Accessories – This cable machine accessories include a 35-inch Tricep Rope, two Ankle straps, two Resistance Band Handles and three Snap Hook Carabiner Clips. One package meets all your accessory needs. This set can turn your home cable machine into a high-performance exercise gym.
­čĺ¬Reliable Professional Materials – The 35-inch tricep rope uses heavy-duty braided nylon rope. It is long enough to perform a large variety of home exercise. The ankle strap comes with an enhanced D-ring that can be easily connected to the cable machine. The fitness handle is made of non-slip rubber, which is comfortable and good grip.
­čĺ¬Adjustable Design – Our Cable Machine Attachment has many adjustable designs, the strap can be relaxed or tightened, suitable for different widths for men and women. Triceps Rope center metal connector can move the rope freely as needed. In addition, individual accessories have multiple uses, and fitness handles and foot straps can be used for other resistance exercises. Achieve many things at one stroke!
­čĺ¬Efficient Fitness – We have higher manufacturing standards and stricter efficiency requirements for fitness equipment. We pay attention to detailed design, and every place provides you with stability and strong support, so that you can rest assured and help you reach your fitness goals faster.
­čĺ¬Perfect Service – We pursue the best customer service experience. If you have any questions before purchasing or after receiving the product, please feel free to contact us, we will provide the best service´╝üWe will provide up to 90 days of after-sales service.


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