EAST MOUNT Push Down Bar Machine, Chest Expander Workout Equipment, at Home Personal Gym Fitness Upper Body Arm Shoulder Exercise Training Muscle and Strength Builder.



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Latest Upgrade Muscle Build Exercise Tool

Unlike other at home workout equipment,This premium chest expander has two special uses: push in and pull out.Easy adjustment without tools.

We researched common complaints about other portable gym equipment and carefully crafted some of the best portable exercise equipment on the market.


Here’s what makes our home workout kit special

✔[Strong] East Mount chest builder is engineered from super tough steel springs that will withstand the most challenging workouts.

✔[Easy to store and easy to carry] The Arm Builder is not only easy to store and very portable but it also takes up minimal storage space despite its utility and strength.Whether you are on a business trip or vacation you can take it with you in your backpack or suitcase.

✔[Exercise anytime, anywhere] You can use it anywhere, anytime,Indoors or outdoors can use it at any time to exercise.Travel and travel can be carried around,keep your muscles in shape,Is a perfect fitness exercise equipment.


Please read the following notice carefully:

1.Before using the product,please make sure you have fully understood how the product operates.Physical exercises may cause injuries.The movements mentioned in this instruction may not fit ever y user.Model demonstrations are for references only.Patients suffering from thrombus,cancer,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,post surgery patients,pregnant women and other individuals who are not suitable for exercises must consult with your doctor before using the product.Please make sure your body is fully warmed up before taking exercises with the product .Please hold the handles firmly to prevent injuries

Package Content:

4.Inner spring 22.5LB/PC ×4

Outer spring 32.5LB/PC×4

【Target Specific Muscles】: The Super Push Down Bar is different from traditional compound exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups because parallette bars targets specific muscle groups with different movements such as the chest, arms, shoulders, back and abdominal muscles, ensuring that each muscle group is stimulated and thus stimulating your muscles deeper than traditional exercises and allowing your muscles to grow more quickly.
【Latest upgrade】:Chest machine can be easily instanted dismount and adjusted , dual diretion training can push in or pull out,4 sets of double-layer springs can free combination of strength,longer push length ensuring that each muscle group is stimulated,one total body exerciser can have 9 training modes at the same time
【High Quality and Multiple Level Options】:Exercise bar is not only made with high quality exercises-specific springs but also made with premium stainless steel and high-strength plastic to withstand high-intensity training, ensure long time use without any breakage. Choose your resistance level – ranging from 90 to 220 LBS – based on your personal needs.
【Workout Anywhere】:The chest workout is easy to store & portable, so you can use it in many different places. You can use chest expander to start your fitness program at home immediately and maintain it everyday. You can take upper body exercise equipment with you in your backpack or suitcase and exercise during your break at work, on a business trip, at home, in the office, at the park, in the dorm, or traveling or even while camping. You can take workout bars for exercise everywhere and keep
【Be stronger together】:Get fit and firm arms in minutes a day with the it total workout system.push up machine will help you feel stronger in everyday life. If you have any questions or concerns about this item, please contact us for free on the ordering page, we promise to give you a satisfactory solution.DON’T WORRY,ORDER NOW!!!


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