ALLCSM LAT Pull Down Bar Solid, 33 in/38.5 in Pulldown Cable Machine Attachment, Home Gym Equipment Accessories, Revolving Hanger & Rubber Handgrips, Press Down Muscles Strength Exercise & Fitness



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Product Description

lat pull down bar attachmentlat pull down bar attachment

lat bar strength traininglat bar strength training

The Lat Pull down bar helps to strengthen your back muscles – primarily your lats, but also your upper arms and middle back.

Ideal for providing exercise for wide variety of upper body building, including lat pull downs, triceps press downs, seated rows, upright rows and more cable gym equipment or fitness accessories, excellent choice for cable machine attachment for Gym.

Lat pulldowns are extremely effective at correcting the rounded-back, forward-head posture we often see today.

This can also give you a boost of confidence to power through your workout.

Size: 33 – InchItem Weight:3.0 lbsMaterial : Steel, RubberPackage includes:

1x LAT pulldown bar

2x Wrist Wraps

home gym accessories

home gym accessories

fitness equipment pull down bar

fitness equipment pull down bar

exercise equipment

exercise equipment

gym cable attachment

gym cable attachment

Durable & Strong

Solid-steel lat pulldown bar with durable hard finish suitable for lat pulldowns to the front or back.

Selected high-quality steel, electroplated surface, anti-corrosion. Enhance your strength training experience with this LAT bar.

Enhanced Heavy-duty Safety Buckle

To protect safety, the load-bearing capacity is as high as 220 pounds.

Fit any cable exercise equipment compatible with all modern cable resistance machines, ideal for home or gymnasium training.

EVA Fully Wrapped

Rubber handles are slip resistant for optimal comfort and stability during your workout.

Tear-resistant high-density EVA handle minimizes hand fatigue, Improve your comfort during exercise.

Perfect Wrist Protection

The strong reinforced thumb loops keep the wrap in place on your hand and wrist. So whether you’re recovering from an injury or pushing yourself to the limit, the wraps will brace your wrists and protect them from further injury.

lat pulldown bar strength training lat pulldown bar strength training

Attach to Any of Your Home Gym system

ALLCSM Lat pulldown bar can attach to any of your home gym cable machine system. Ideal for performing pulldown, Tricep press down, Upright rows, Seated rows, Most of the back training.

cable attachment for gymcable attachment for gym

cable machine attachmentcable machine attachment

MULTIFUNCTIONAL LAT BAR:This LAT bar can be attached to your cable machine, home Gym or Smith machine to build upper body. The pulldown exercise works the latissimus dorsi, or lats in the back, to squeeze the shoulder blades together while maintaining square shoulders.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This lat bar cable machine attachment is built with solid steel and sturdy construction that will hold up under great weights and efforts. With a load capacity of up to 220lbs to meet various training requirements.
NON-SLIP HANDLE: The textured rubber handle is comfortable and secure for grip in training. Prevent the tool from slipping out of the sweaty hands to stretch your muscles more effectively.
LENGTH 33.5 INCH: The straight pulldown attachment is 33.5 inches in length, the right kind for you to properly exercise Tricep back muscles, and improve overall strength.
CARABINER HOOK & WRIST WRAPS: In order to facilitate the link with your fitness equipment, this product comes with a compatible Carabiner, together with comfortable protective wrist wraps, offering the perfect amount of support for lifts, press and bench.


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